Backyard Self Storage Complex has Solutions for Everybody

Here at the Backyard Self Storage Complex we pride ourselves in offering storage solutions for everyone. We have personal storage units ranging from small simple affordable units to larger climate controlled units capable of storing all of your families keepsakes. Backyard self storage complex also has plenty of commercial units available for business looking to store office equipment or possibly a work vehicle. Whatever you need stored we have the perfect unit to aid your business as it grows and prospers.

Take Back Your Garage!

Backyard Self Storage has Storage Solutions for Vehicles from Small to Large

Lots of people have extra vehicles they need stored, lets face it your garage is only so big. Also keeping vehicles outside in the elements in Pennsylvania is not a very good idea if you want them to last. No problem, we can help! Whether you are looking for a unit to store your snow mobiles in the summer, and your Jet Skis in the winter we have you covered. We also have over sized unite large enough to store your work truck or trailer, or your RV or Pontoon Boat. Just drive right in and close the door and sleep well knowing your vehicle is safe and dry and protected from the elements. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

A storage unit for every need…

Here at Backyard Self Storage we have storage solutions to fit every need. We have small personal units that are economical and hold enough for one to two people who have limited storage needs and are looking to save a buck.

We also have mid range units that are perfect for a family who are looking to store generations of tools and toys. The mid range units at Backyard Self Storage are large enough to store the content of a three to 5 bedroom house. Perfect for a family just like yours.

In addition we are proud to announce that backyard self storage will be offering over sized contractor units with drive up and drive thru access. These over sized units are large enough to store a work truck, RV, or Pontoon boat., with room left over for plenty of tools and equipment. Instead of driving that work truck home and parking it in your front yard where it is unprotected, park it in out gated secure facility, safe and secure from the elements

Climate controlled units offer greater peace of mind.

Many valuables can be irreparably damaged by heat, cold, and humidity. A climate controlled unit will provide a set temperature and humidity range for your valuables so that you can rest easy Lets not forget that another bonus to a climate controlled unit is that when you stop by to visit your valuables it will be in a comfortable warm and dry environment.
Many folks don’t realize how damaging heat and humidity can be to old pictures and film. The heat and humidity can cause it to curl, get discolored and degrade rapidly. Also moisture and condensation are the enemy of electronics and camera equipment, causing mold and damaging fungi that can ruin expensive cameras and lenses before their time.
Other victims of the elements are wooden furniture that warps and swells from the heat and humidity. Another victim of the elements is leather and fabric. Leather and fabric that molds and mildews under humid moist conditions.
Another casualty of the elements is that prized record or CD collection that deteriorate rapidly when exposed to heat and humidity. Even more damaging is the effects the elements have on your old media equipment. Equipment like that prize vintage stereo system you have had since high school.
Rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe not only from the elements but also safe from their damaging effects

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Free Milwaukee 6′ Tape Measure Key chains for every customer who rents  a storage unit from the Backyard Self Storage Complex in beautiful Conneaut lake Pensylvania. 

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